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Former Colorado First Grade Bilingual Teacher Announces Candidacy for Colorado State Board of Education in Congressional District 06


JUL 25, 2022


Mason Riley

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO, JUL 25, 2022 – On May 18, Colorado State Board of Education Candidate Molly Lamar announced her candidacy for Congressional District 06. Colorado's 6th congressional district encompasses much of the eastern part of the Denver metropolitan area, including all of Aurora, as well as portions of the southern (Centennial and Littleton) and northern metro area (Brighton and Henderson).


“I am honored to have accepted the nomination as the common-sense candidate for the Colorado State Board of Education for CD06,” said Lamar. “Colorado kids need our support more than ever before. I will always put them first and I will be a voice for parents. I want to bring back the joy to our classrooms and recreate the all-important partnership between teachers, parents, and kids that is necessary for educational success.”


Native to Colorado, Lamar has worked tirelessly throughout her life to ensure that Colorado kids have the same opportunity to receive the great education that she did. She is a passionate mother of four school-aged children. She is a former bilingual English/Spanish teacher at a Title 1 school and currently a licensed substitute. She is an active volunteer in the schools and in the community. Her volunteer work in the schools has ranged from volunteering in the classroom to serving as a cross guard, to her current position as the chair of the Cherry Creek High School, School Accountability Committee and member of the Unified Improvement Plan Committee.  She also supports her sons’ love of football as the vice president of the high school’s Cherry Creek Touchdown Club.


Her additional volunteer work includes serving as the grade level advisor for the National Charity League, the philanthropy liaison for Boys Team Charity and Judi’s House, vice president of her homeowners’ association, secretary on the executive board for Ladies of Liberty and founder and president of parent advocate group, Parents for Opportunity & Partnership (POPstars).


“As parents, we are the single most important advocates to ensuring the academic and developmental success of our children,” says Lamar.  “We play a crucial role in supporting their health and learning. When we are engaged in their school activities, our kids get better grades, choose healthier behaviors and acquire better social skills.  When we show up for our kids, our teachers feel supported too.  Parents can help their children succeed and make the difficult job of educating easier on our teachers by acting as a bridge between the home and classroom.”

Lamar explains why she is passionate about running for the State Board of Education Congressional District 6. “Unfortunately, the last 2 years have seen division in our schools.  Our teachers feel unappreciated, and parents feel anxious, unheard and shut out.  Teachers’ unions and politicians have unilaterally decided what curriculums will be used, and they have systematically placed individuals, who agree to push their agendas, in positions of power. Parents are alarmed by what we see as classroom activism and outright discrimination in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion.” 


“This new educational mission does not align with basic American values, and it puts at risk our kid’s happiness and ability to succeed,” continues Lamar. “Even our youngest students are being bombarded with classroom activism and indoctrination.  We continue to see poor reading and math scores, while our schools are spending exorbitant amounts of money and time confusing and shaming our kids with developmentally inappropriate material. It must stop!” 


“It’s time for us to stop playing politics in our classrooms and put Colorado Kids First,” says Lamar.  “Every child in this state deserves an opportunity and the right supports to achieve their dreams. I believe the foundation needed to achieve those dreams starts at home.”  


Molly Lamar is endorsed by Colorado State Board of Education members, Steve Durham, Joyce Rankin and Debora Scheffel.  She is also endorsed by Mike Peterson, president of Douglas County Schools and Stephanie Piko, Mayor of Centennial, Colorado. For the full list of endorsements, click here. Lamar will be on the ballot in the November 2022 elections.


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